How does laser vein treatment work?

Laser technology is versatile and used in a plethora of medical and cosmetic procedures. Because it is highly effective, a lot of doctors use laser technology to deliver effective and long-term results for a variety of conditions. One place laser technology is effective is in vein treatment.

Using laser technology, you can effectively reduce and even eliminate the appearance of unsightly veins and improve your blood circulation. The most popular treatment method for unsightly veins is endovascular laser ablation (EVLA).

What Does Endovascular Laser Ablation Treat?

Endovascular laser ablation (EVLA) is a procedure that treats conditions like chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins. Chronic venous insufficiency is when veins have difficulty sending blood from the extremities of the body (most often the legs) back up to the heart. When blood flow to the heart is restricted because of this condition, the blood pools in the legs. This causes circulation issues that will likely cause vascular health symptoms that go beyond just cosmetic needs. Chronic venous insufficiency is more common in women and older individuals.

Varicose veins are enlarged veins typically present on the legs. These veins appear gnarled and discolored and develop when the veins’ valve system malfunctions and prevents blood from flowing to the heart. Instead, the blood goes backwards and stays in the legs. As a result, the blood pools in the veins, and the varicose veins appear lumpy and rope-like. Spider veins are like varicose veins but come in a smaller form. EVLA can also successfully treat spider veins.

How Does Endovascular Laser Ablation Work?

EVLA can successfully treat varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency. The procedure involves closing off problematic veins using heat delivered through laser technology. The problematic veins that are not allowing proper blood flow are cauterized and closed. This causes the blood to re-route itself into nearby, healthier veins.

To perform EVLA, a doctor will insert a laser fiber needle into the problematic vein through a tiny incision in the skin. Laser energy is delivered to the vein, which seals it shut. Eventually, the vein is reabsorbed into the body and will no longer be visible. EVLA is minimally-invasive and uses image-guidance for accuracy and safety. You won’t even need stitches after completing the procedure.

Laser Vein Treatment in Florida

At Premier Vein & Vascular, we treat a broad range of vein and vascular issues including varicose and spider veins. Depending on your condition, we offer ablation therapy, sclerotherapy, and laser vein treatments.

We will discuss the best treatment options for you and make sure you aware of the benefits and risks of each procedure. Our goal is to restore your legs to their smooth and youthful appearance while also enhancing your vascular health.

Find out how endovascular laser ablation can help you get beautiful legs and improve your vascular health. Call Premier Vein & Vascular at 1-888-VEINCARE or (888) 834-6227 to make an appointment. You can also request an appointment online. For your convenience, we offer services in two offices located in Tampa and Largo, Florida.

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